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Fact Sheet:
Duration: Academic Year, Semester Minimum GPA: 2.75
Language Requirement: 2 semesters Language of Instruction: English, Spanish
Class Standing: Junior, Senior, Sophomore NC State Students Only: Yes
Program Type: Exchange Provider: NC State
High Impact Experiences: Internship Opportunities, Research Opportunities Additional Requirements: None
College or Unit: Engineering, Management
Program Description:

Valencia is the third-largest city in Spain, with a population over 800,000 in the city proper.  It is a welcoming city with a small historic city center that spreads into other historical, cultural, and environmental attractions - including beaches.  Valencia is famous for the traditional Spanish dish, paella, as well as the futuristic museum complex, the City of Arts and Sciences complex. It includes an opera house, performing arts center, a science museum with an IMAX cinema and planetarium, and an oceanographic park. There is excellent transportation around Valencia mainly via buses and a tram network.

There are two official languages in Valencia: Valenciano, used in the Valencian Community, and Castellano (Spanish), Spain's official language. Spanish is widely spoken.


The Universidad Politécnica de Valencia is comprised of four campuses, though NC State  students can choose to study at either the main Vera campus in Valencia proper, or at the Gandía campus, which is also located in the Valencia province.  UPV specializes mainly in technology, although they also offer degrees in Business Administration and Fine Arts.  Only technology-related majors and business majors should expect to study at UPV as humanities and Social Science course options are extremely limited. In addition, due to limitations on the number of seats available in business courses, Poole College of Management students should expect to take one or more courses taught in Spanish. Students will find the International Offices within their departments very helpful as they register for courses (on-site) and learn to navigate their way through the university. The staff are available to assist exchange students by offering advice and assistance in obtaining housing, informing students of upcoming cultural activities, involving students in activities such as sports and student organizations, and much more.

Vera Campus:
This is the main campus that most NC State students attend. Engineering, Business, Computer Science, and limited Fine Arts courses are the campus' main offering. This location has excellent  sports and recreation facilities, including an indoor heated swimming pool, soccer fields, basketball courts, and weight training gym. The campus itself is located in the Northeast part of the city and is 5 minutes away from the beach by tram. 

Gandía Campus: 
The campus is located approximately one hour by train to the east of Valencia, and enrolls approximately 5,000 students in mainly Forestry and Tourism studies. The Gandia campus also hosts the intensive pre-semester language course. More information is below. Students interested in a smaller university environment would be most suited for this campus; however, Gandia is on the coast and is considered a highly touristic location.


Regular Coursework:
Although the majority of courses at UPV are taught in castellano (Spanish), a variety of departments offer a courses in English for students whose Spanish language ability does not allow them to study with Spaniards. In addition there are some English Friendly courses that are taught in Spanish, but students are able to take their exams in English. Courses in English and English Friendly options include courses in Agriculture, Business, Communications, Computer Science, Design, Engineering, and Tourism, among others. Note that in general these course offerings in English are somewhat limited, and students would not be able to earn enough credits for full-time status with only coursework taught in English.

Spanish Language Courses:
In addition to taking Beginner and Intermediate Spanish Language and Grammar courses, all exchange students have the opportunity to participate in the Intensive Spanish language program offered in Gandía prior to the start of each term. This language program is intended to help students prepare for study in the Spanish language and become familiar with the university before the regular semester. It is especially recommended for students who have not taken four semesters of university-level Spanish courses. The Intensive Spanish language program is not part of the exchange, however, and therefore students who enroll in this will pay the additional program cost that includes accommodations, instruction, and activities.

Experiential Learning

Paid internships are offered; however, any student interested in an internship at UPV is advised to spend two semesters at studying at UPV. UPV advises that students improve their language skills during the first semester and then work with the internship office on finding an offer for the second semester.

Research opportunities are also available at UPV. If interested, the student should begin working on the arrangements when applying to study abroad. The student will work with the department housing the research, and will then be assigned a tutor in UPV to guide their work.

The Transfer Credit Database lists courses that have been previously approved for NC State students at Universidad Politecnica de Valencia. Please note: their applicability to a specific degree program varies by department. This list is not inclusive. Additional courses can be approved for credit by searching the links below to find course listings and using course approval form and process, which is a part of the application for study abroad. 

Eligibility Requirements:
In order to enroll in coursework taught in Spanish, students must have completed FLS 202 or its equivalent of four semesters of college-level Spanish. It is strongly recommended, however, that students have completed at least one 300-level Spanish class prior to participation on this exchange program if you will be taking coursework taught in Spanish.
For those intending to enroll in the Intensive Spanish Language course and courses taught in English, students must have completed FLS 102 or its equivalent of two semesters of Spanish coursework prior to participation on the exchange.


Most students choose to live in shared flats and make final accommodation arrangements on-site in Valencia. It is recommended that students arrive to Valencia one week before the start of the program and stay in a hotel/hostel while they explore options. Prior to arrival in Valencia, students will be provided with information about other accommodation possibilities outside the campus, which include shared apartments and host family opportunities. These is a searchable database of apartments on the UPV's Accommodation website.

In addition to finding a shared flat, within the UPV Campus and right outside there are halls of residence which are like highly integrated American-style dorms. Two option are Colegio Mayore Galileo Galilei and Damia Bonet. The dorms are usually used by first or second year students at UPV, include meal plans, and offer a wide range of services and facilities including pharmacies, a photocopying shop, laundry, bank, and restaurants.


Travel Docs
In addition to having a passport, students will need to apply for a student visa - a sticker placed in your passport that allows you to remain in Spain as a student. In order to apply for a visa, students will need to travel to the Spanish Embassy in Washington DC. It is important for students to begin looking into the visa process as soon as they receive their acceptance letters from UPV and NC State. The NC State letter will be given to you at your pre-departure conference. Please note that you may not apply for your visa more than 90 days before the start date of your program. In general, students should appear at the Embassy no later than early November for Spring semesters and no later early June for Fall semesters. Note that students going on academic year programs will need to obtain a FBI background check as a part of their visa application. This time intensive process needs to be started immediately after program acceptance. 

Cost information is shown in the budget link, above. Financial aid is generally available to help qualified NC State students meet the expenses of study abroad. For additional funding, NC State students should consider applying for a study abroad scholarship, and check out other ideas for funding study abroad.
In Spain, typically the academic year begins in the last week of September and ends in the first week of June.   The first semester begins in the last week of September and runs until the end of January.  Due to the fall term ending in late-January, NC State students are not eligible to study on exchange in the fall term, rather for a full year or spring semester only.  The second semester begins mid- to late February and ends in June.   At the end of each semester, there is an examination period.
During the academic year there are two vacation periods. The Christmas holiday normally lasts from late December (starting just prior to December 24) until after the Feast of the Epiphany, held on 6th January.  The Easter holidays usually last for a week, Semana Santa, in the months of March or April.

Dates / Deadlines:
Dates / Deadlines:
Term Year App Deadline Decision Date Start Date End Date
Spring 2019 09/21/2018
09/28/2018 01/29/2019 06/30/2019
NOTE: Please note that depending on department, program dates may vary per student - even on the same program. See the host institution website and, after acceptance, materials given to you by the host institution for your exact program dates.
Academic Year 2019-2020 02/01/2019 02/15/2019 TBA TBA

Indicates that deadline has passed